Introduction to Algorithms, Data Structures, and Their Importance

An algorithm for greatest common divisor, from wikipedia

Why Bother Learning Them At All?

Image from coderust

Basic Algorithms — Binary Search

Binary search example, taken from

Basic Algorithms — Pathfinding

Maze, taken from Khan Academy

Basic Algorithms — Recursion, Divide and Conquer, Dynamic Programming

Palindrome recursion, taken from StackOverflow
Example of divide and conquer, taken from Khan Academy
Simple recursive method(1) in ruby for fibonacci numbers
Time complexity for fibonacci using previous code, tree taken from
New fibonacci method(2), storing into an array
Faster method(3) than storing in array
Method 1 Benchmark
Method 2 Benchmark
Method 3 Benchmark

Closing Thoughts and a Schrödinger Puzzle

Famous 1996 NYT Schrödinger puzzle crossword, from Reddit

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