I started my coding journey about 4 months ago, and it’s been full of challenges as well as deluge of information. Most bootcamps will flood you with large amounts of lectures, homework, and projects all the way until graduation day. Once you’ve graduated, they expect you to declare yourself for the job search (my program gives me up to 60 days before declaring, but they say the earlier the better). There are so many things you’ll need to prepare for the job search and it can be overwhelming. …

Pie chart of most popular languages based on Github Data 2020

An algorithm for greatest common divisor, from wikipedia

When we think of the term algorithms, often times images of complex mathematical statements or code will come to mind. However, they are not necessarily as intimidating as we make them out to be. In essence, algorithms are a process or set of rules to be followed that will solve a problem. Let’s say you’re trying to impress some friends for a potluck and get an impressive recipe from online for your ham so it won’t disappoint. The problem solved here is making a delicious ham, and the algorithm followed is the recipe. Data structures are a way in which…

Erwin Feng

Proud Bruin and Software engineer

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